My Philosophy
No person agrees with any other person completely, as much as they may believe that they do. Even those who follow the same doctrines will interpret those doctrines just a small bit differently, so that the images contained within their mind will be changed just a small bit from that which was introduced to them. Due to this, I should not attempt to reconcile my beliefs with those of others, nor force others to reconcile their beliefs with mine, as neither task can be truly completed. I will live life to the fullest while learning what I can from the beliefs of others and helping others to learn more about their own.


Well, look! LOOK! LOOK, IT'S CLEAR!
Sing along with the common people.
No! Don't! Don't go! Listen to him! He's telling the truth!
Laugh along with the common people.

He means to hang us all!

Laugh along although they're laughing at you,
So never judge a book by it's cover, or who you're going to love by your lover.
and the stupid things that you do,
I sat thinking a long time. I had made certain false assumptions.
because you think that poor is cool.

Life clocks are a Lie! Carousel is a lie! THERE IS NO RENEWAL!

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If I could just pay what I thought their stuff was worth, I'd love shopping.
I'd go to Sears all the time.
I'd get a wrench and say, 'I'm not giving you $18 for this. I'll give you $6.'
To me, this is complicated.
They'd be like, 'Uh, no?' And I'd just walk out of there.
They wouldn't call me back!

I wish the world was alive like you.
You can taste the fear...
I wish the world would blow me through.
Well, the windshield was broken, but I love the fresh air, you know.
If only you would change.
Well, the car was on blocks, but I was already where I want.

If you could see me, the way I used to be...
I was patiently erasing and recording the wrong episodes.
Singing hallelujah with the fear in your heart,

Oh, it could've been, should've been worse than you would ever know.

Come up on different streets, they're both the streets of shame.

There's a place for us, you know the movie song.
There were no witnesses. No one heard gunshots.
And I leave them where they are, for I know that wheresoe'er I go,
You can fall for chains of silver, you can fall for chains of gold.

I have never yet met a man who was quite awake.
Let you fear nothing! Another judgment awaits us all!
How could I have looked him in the face?

I have three children-

How may I teach them to walk like men in the world, and I have sold my friends?

Do not think the youth has no force, because he cannot speak to you and me.

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