My Philosophy statement: Control is an illusion. I, nor anyone else, can control what is, and what will be. Nature regulates life with its destructive forces to create equality.

Focus Question my statement stems from: What Controls us?

Note: My method of explaining my philosophies never actually involves me. I express my views in this poem similarly to the way I would in a paper, using a thesis and central arguments if you will.

"Balancing Blows"

By Eric Loucks
The tide rises, the tide falls,
We hold these truths to be self-evident,
But yet,
We strive to maintain a set equilibrium.

The Order of Chaos

One and one make two, two and one make three.
The legend of life is more benedight.
When the sun doth shine,
And the moon doth glow,
We see only tools for our selfish goals.

Nature's Reaction

The plain truth lies upon the ground,
For all to see.
It lies with the trees,
Riding upon the wind.
It lies in graves dug,
In dead buried,
And in the bitter hug of morality.
Not one is in control.

The earth is pensive in quietness.
Forgiveness is a luxury
It does not give.
Nature commands all light, all influence, all fate.
It didn't seem such a terrible thing.
The stern agony, and shroud and pall,
Earth that nourish’d thee shall claim thy growth.
You will see.


Chase this light
And be destroyed.
Will you fight?
No, we shall run and live.
Dependent upon destruction,
A regulator,
A conqueror,
A disdainful lover,
A necessary and beloved evil.
Freedom must come at a cost.
Is it different from war?
From all that is lost,
Good will come with an unfaltering trust,
Till thy summons comes to approach thy grave,
And lie down to pleasant dreams,
I shall deceive thyself,
With the illusion of control.


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