My Philosophy: To pursue happiness and live life to the fullest; if you believe in something and work at it anything is possible.

Philosophy Question: What makes life worth living?

I believe that our pursuit of goals and happiness makes life worth living. Our values and morals contribute to our personal philosophy of life, and without our personal beliefs our lives aren't worth anything. Inspiration also keeps us focused on reaching our goals which brings us joy in life and in turn joy makes our life worth living.

Life is Happiness

Yeah, believe or not
What kept me alive is my dreams
I am very proud to have my life
You are free; go forth, under the open sky,
take the wings of morning; do as you will.
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To belive your own thought you must trust thyself,
Trust thyself; the fresh warmth of a summer day
Reason and free enquiry render a honest and perfect man
There are none happy in the world but beings who enjoy twenty-four hours of a natural day bliss!

The tide rises, the tide falls,
As the long train of ages glides away,
Every decent and well-spoken individual with fear of the unknown,
Possessed, as they became, with a such steep emotion.
beautiful sunrise
beautiful sunrise

But the sun is soon up; so God be praised
Courage, man, courage, it's ok to feel good.
Accept no defeat, surrender, retreat
Fear nothing, for i believe in you my soul.

We hold these truths to be self-evident,
our rights to a higher life than we fell asleep from,
to conquer moral perfection and the pursuit of happiness,
And with these I am satisfied.

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I cannot boast of much success,
To live without committing any fault at any time
I celebrate myself on learning from my mistakes
Some shred of goodness is found in every fault

In the love of Nature a various language,
a voice of gladness,
of healing sympathy the curlew calls
on roofs and walls.
in life's green spring, an eloquence of beauty
shall exist, and a smile, in thy image.

A rich man knows to be awake is to be alive
Simplicity, simplicity; it determines quality of
A higher life, better quality of the day
external image radioactive-happiness-face.gif
I have been a rich man, speaking the truth
Every morning, I prow or shout joyously
and invite my soul to the real attractions of life.
Clear and sweet is my soul.

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